Guided hunting Australia

Would you like an exclusive, one on one hunting trip anywhere in Australia, be it on the land, on the water,
or even under the water.

I have been hunting, fishing, diving and traveling throughout Australia most of my life and have come to a
stage in my life where I would like to share the experience with a several people each year.

This type of hunting takes a lot of preparation and would require each exclusive hunt to be share costed
hence the low number of one on one hunts possible in one year.

If you reside in Australia it is probably more cost effective to arrange your own hunt, however if you
live overseas and can afford to have somebody arrange a satisfaction guaranteed hunting and fishing type
holiday then this may be for you.

I have just finished a six month trip around the world visiting places like South Africa and Central
America and know what is required to satisfy somebody with a true outback adventure.

I don't believe in killing animals for no reason and therefore hunt mostly vermin with the exception of
recreational fishing and diving where animals are taken with licences and bag limits. Most of my hunting
on land is conducted using either compound bows or dogs. Although culling of our kangaroos can also be done by
obtaining permitts and using high powered rifles.

If this type of trip appeals to you and you can afford a one on one guided adventure where you need to
bring nothing other than a change of cloths one for the city and one for the outback then please email me .